A clever, funny and moving exploration of motherland, heritage and the notion of ‘foreign-ness’, delivered in a variety of physical, visual and verbal languages

Dorothy Max Prior –  Total Theatre – read more here

hilarious, at times virtuosic, performances… move from mood to mood with relentless verve

Total Theatre

Amazing performance! … thoughtfully & beautifully crafted… exactly my cup of tea

Jeremy Au

A new multi-layered, visual and physical two-woman show, created and performed by Yael Karavan and Naomi Silman. A co-production between award-winning companies, LUME Teatro, Brazil and The Karavan Ensemble, Brighton, UK.

Pupik- (“navel” in Hebrew) – is the story of an encounter and a unique life-long-distance friendship between two women from similar backgrounds, descendants of a long lineage of ancestral migrants, living a fragmented life of different identities and wandering. In the current global scenario of division and intolerance, they try to unearth what connects us despite our differences.

With a solid reputation of more than 20 years in physical theatre, the performers take the audience on a journey of poetic imagery, humour and immersive elements to travel through time and space, unveiling the layers of their personal stories and ancestral backgrounds, tracing a line from the personal to the universal in the attempt to tackle some vital contemporary questions about their common paths such as identity, roots, displacement, borders, and the concept of a Home.

Pupik premiered in Brazil in 2015 and went on to tour throughout the country and to Portugal in 2016-2017. In 2018 the show will be coming to the UK in a new English adaptation supported by Arts Council England, Worthing Theatres and the Attenborough Centre for the Arts.

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