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1st– 20h- solo performance ‘Living Threads’ Desembrendansa festival More info HERE

2nd– 11am- 14h & 15h-20h The Body Speaks /taller -Workshop @escolar municipal de dans de Celra’, Catalonia.

7th– Get ready for our 3rd In/ Out cabaret at the rose hill more info soon!

8th &9th – Workshop – The Secret Life of Objects at Evolution Arts Brighton. More info and booking HERE

Open to all who would perform, this workshop offers an immersion beneath the surface of the material world. Discover objects beyond their functionality, listen and realize that everything is alive. Suddenly, life becomes much more mysterious, playful and interesting… These sessions use techniques of physical and visual theatre, Butoh, dance and mime to explore how to creatively relate to material, objects and space, how to listen to them, explore them as partners, and instigators of characters and physical states, how to transform them and allow them to transform us.


Workshops- The Space In-Between- O Espaco entre

Butoh Workshop/ Oficina de Butoh/ Taller de Butoh with Yael Karavan

Butoh intervention with workshop participants in Madrid 2018

Lisboa– Novembro 10 e 11 11h-17h

@Palácio Pancas Palha, Santa Apolónia – Lisboa

+info AQUI e no email –


Madrid– Novembro 17 e 18 11h-17h

@ Espaçio En Blanco

+info no email-


Barcelona– Novembro 24 e 25 11h-17h

at the city centre

Mais info AQUI and by email-


“Constantemente renascemos. E não será suficiente simplesmente sair do útero materno. Precisamos de muitos nascimentos. Renascer sempre e em todos os lugares. Constantemente.” – Tatsumi Hijikata

Yael Karavan tem cerca de 20 anos de experiência em Butoh, durante os quais teve a oportunidade de trabalhar com os fundadores do Butoh no Japão: Kazuo Ohno e Motofuji San – esposa de Tatsumi Hijikata, bem como com Tadashi Endo, Yumiko Yoshioka, Carlotta Ikeda, Sankai Juku, entre outros.

“Minha dança está longe das convenções e técnicas. Minha dança é o desvelar de uma vida interna” – Tatsumi Hijikata


Tuesday 9th at Edge Hill Arts Centre.
Pupik – A contemporary tale in search of identity


Sat 13th at 19.30 at Tara Arts LondonD-CODE a solo performance by Yael Karavan

More info and Booking HERE

Sat 27th, 6pm
Fragments- A site specific performance by Yael Karavan

at Galleria ME Vannucci, Pistoia, Italy, part of ‘Lets twist again’ collective exhibition.

‘I’ve threaded a few pieces together, like fragments, striving for the unity of diversity. Traveling across time and space where past and future becomes one continuous present.’ YK
More info very soon on this Link-  HERE
I feel very honoured to be part of this incredible line up of Artists…

         Sandra Tomboloni


Sab 15 as 11h-17h e Dom 16 as 10h-16h
Oficina de Butoh Com Yael Karavan em Lisboa

na sede da Lua Cheia, Mais informacao AQUI-

22nd and 23rd 11am-5pm

The Space In-Between –Taller de Butoh com Yael Karavan em Madrid

mais informacao AQUI-

24th-27th -6pm-8pm 
– Workshop the Body Speaks
part of Summer School To Walter Benjamin
in Portbou, Catalunya, 2018 
Registrations – / 660 82 70 23
From 12 years old. 20 € / Sportive clothes.

more info HERE

– 12-12:30pm– 
Yael Karavan’s Solo Dance performance 

dedicated to Memorial Passages, by Walter Benjamin, On the esplanade of the cemetery, Portbou, made by her father Dani Karavan, with the collaboration and musical composition of Vicente Ordóñez. More info HERE


3rd-5th & 9th-12th at 8pm – na Caixa cultural em Rio de Janeiro PUPIK– Fuga em 2

Sat 18th & Sun 19th as 11h-18h- Oficina de Butoh Com Yael Karavan em Rio de Janeiro

Mais Informacao AQUI-

Sat 25th 10.30am-4.30pm
– Butoh workshop in Oxford


Tue 24th & Wed 25th at 8pm at Worthing Pavilion Theatre.
PUPIK – a contemporary tale in search of Identity

More info and Bookings on this link-

Wed 25th the show will start on a bus from Brighton at 7pm
Pick up at the old stein bus stop S, hosted by the one and only Marion Deprez,

‘Amazing performance! … thoughtfully & beautifully crafted… exactly my cup of tea!’ Jeremy Au


Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd 11am – 5pm -Butoh workshop in Madrid

More info and booking HERE or email to Más información aquí-

sat 16th & sun 17th – 11am-5pm -Butoh workshop at Evolution Arts.

“My dance is far removed from conventions and techniques, it’s the unveiling of the inner life

Tatsumi Hijikata, founder of Butoh Dance.

More info and Bookings HERE

Sat 23rd doors open at 7.30pm @ the Rosehill- 
The Midsummer Madness ‘Cabba Cabba Rey!’

In/Out are delighted to present their 2nd seasonal cabaret event at the Rosehill. Following the success of ‘A movement of freedom’ in March they will be back with a vengeance, now including internationally acclaimed performers Ricardo Puccetti and Naomi Silman from Brazil!

So no excuses…be there…or you’ll regret it!!

Live performance, music, laughter and unexpected interventions with Yael Karavan, Ricardo Puccetti, Naomi Silman, Tim Harbridge, Joe Watson, Xelis de Toro and more… £5 in advance (info online soon £7 at the door


11th & 12th -7.30pm– Performances of – PUPIK – a contemporary tale in search of Identity,

at Tara Arts, London, part of ‘I’ll Say It Again! A season of work by women artists’, A month-long festival of art events celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage in the UK.



Sat 17th May 7pm – THE BIRTH OF DEATH- @The Edge 79-81 Cheapside, Birmingham B12 0QH

Created and performed by Joanne Tremarco
Directed by Yael Karavan

“A tremendous piece of heartbreaking, exhilarating theatre.” Garry Cooke, Lancashire Fringe

Part of BRUMYODO’s A Matter of Life and Death Festival


sat 26th & sun 27th 11am-17h -Butoh workshop in Asturias, for more info email


wed 4th & Sat 7th 8pm- performance of PUPIK- a contemporary tale in search of identity

in Tmuna Theatre, Tel- Aviv, Israel –Booking and more info HERE

sat 21st & sun 22nd 11-17h – Workshop – The world reflected in a drop of water with Butoh Elements in Barcelona more info and booking contact/


sab 28th & dom 29th 11.30-18hs -Oficina- O mundo refletido numa gota d’água: (Auto) – Retrato na criação de Solo com elementos de Butoh, Espaco- Palácio Pancas Palha, Santa Apolónia|Lisboa
Valor 60 euros até dia 17 de Abril, 70 euros depois dessa data

contato: Miriam Freitas



Sat 3rd 11am-5pm– Butoh Workshop @ Evolution Arts Brighton.

more info and Bookings HERE


Sunday 11th 2-5pm– Butoh Workshop @ BNHC

More info and Booking HERE


Mon 12th -19th Pupik– the outreach community engagement part of the project is taking off-


30th 7.30 Doors open– ‘A Movement of Freedom!’ Cabaret Night.

We are delighted to invite you to the first in the In/Out Cabaret series at Rosehill, Brighton.
Friday 30th March doors open at 7.30pm

‘A movement of freedom!’ is a Cabaret Night of live performance, music and unexpected surprises, curated and performed by Yael Karavan with Ed Briggs, Xelis Detoro, Tim Harbridge and special guest Joe Watson.

Friday 30th March is the Passover night…where people traditionally come together to celebrate their freedom, it’s also Good Friday, Black Friday (originally connected to Paganism rather than consumerism!), it’s a year after the triggering of article 50…and a year before the UK leaves the EU in a political move that literally threatens our freedom of movement!…so if these are not good reasons to emerge from this long cold winter into a long awaited spring and celebrate our freedoms together, then what are?!

Book tickets- HERE

Photo by Yolanda Y.Liou, Art work- Jim Sans



Sat 9th & Sun 10th -11am-5pm Workshop ‘A Ship of Fools’ @ Evolution Arts Brighton.

70/60£ More info and bookings –HERE



15th – 30th – PUPIK– Fugue in 2 has received its funding from Arts Council England to be translated and adapred into English! Huraaaa!

We are delighted to begin two weeks of adaptation, one at the Pavillion theatre in Worthing, followed by a second week at the Attenborough Centre for the Arts at Sussex Uni.

Performances to follow this Spring and Summer- Watch this space!

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