“There are so many aspects and individual moments that could be singled out for praise, but it is in the sum of its parts that D-Code holds its power… a pleasure to watch and also provoked sentiments that are beyond words.”

Total Theatre

Created & performed by Yael Karavan in collaboration with Sound Artist Carl Beukman.

55 minutes solo performance

D-Code press release

Where do you come from? Where’s your home? What’s in your home? What’s in your fridge?

D-Code reimagines our perceptions of origins in a globalized, multicultural world.

‘I’ve recently done a DNA test in search of my ancestral origins; the results divided me into quantitative percentages of 24 different countries. This led me to question, where do we really come from?’

Putting a special focus on the heritage we carry from nearly 3 million years of being nomads, D-code attempts to decipher the multiple identities that inhabit us and to decode the inner maps within our bodies. The show responds to an increasingly globalized, multicultural world, where a once stable identity of self through geographical location has become fractured, as more people are becoming hybrids of cultural identities, so how do we construct our sense of self?

Searching for a deeper understanding of our genetic origins, D-Code relates to some of the major themes of my life and our time; immigration, identity, the notion of home, migration, belonging and multiculturalism and questions how these can affect us biologically, socially and physically. Based on a true life story the show is tracing a line between the intimate and personal into the common and universal, as it deciphers the different layers we carry within us by transforms the body into a map with physical & visual theatre, video mapping, multiple verbal languages and a live sound scape.

Costumes by- Lucy Bradridge, Video Mapping by Giles Thacker, Light design by Yael Karavan & Kristina Hjelm. Supported by Arts Council England, Delloscompiglio Arts centre, Italy and RichMix, London.

Total Theatre press review

“Your show has re-ignited a passion to see more inspiring art. From start to finish it was sensorially immersive and emotionally engaging.  The soundscape was always spot-on, the props & costumes often simple but always stunning. The use of light was exceptional.”

Audience Feedback