The World Reflected in a Drop of Water: (Self)-Portrait in Making Solo Performance

Yael Karavan explores some of the tools developed in her solo performance process, drawing on elements of Dance, physical and visual theatre, Object Theatre, Butoh and mime, Karavan is offering a palette of tools and possibilities in the creative process exploring ‘presence’, metamorphoses, rhythm, intention, qualities of movements, imagery and counterpoint as well as how to relate creatively to material, objects and space, particularly within the challenges of a solo performance.

‘As performers our being is our tool of expression and as such it is a rather complex and rich tool‘. Karavan is offering a number of creative approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey and the pleasure to rediscover our ‘tool’ through games, improvisations and exploration of the infinite possibilities that are hidden within our-selves. She uses a number of rich approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey for performer and their audience in order to create a personal gestural vocabulary for each performer in the creation of ‘self portrait’ in solo performance.