The Body Speaks – Serendipity – the performer’s pleasure- improvisation and presence.                 

‘I see the body as the most primal tool of communication and as such feel the need to combine various dance and performance disciplines in order to broaden its possibilities. I am developing methods to extend the boundaries of dance as well as stimulate the imagination of the body for both the performers and their audience. In the process of my work I explore gestures that come from within the body and thus extract movement that is beyond form and shape, but which contains life and presence.’ Y.K

The beauty of the performer is his/her pleasure to perform. Drawing on elements of Dance, physical theatre, Butoh and mime, Yael Karavan explores some of the key issues for the performer, and is offering a palette of tools and possibilities in the creative process exploring ‘presence’, metamorphoses, rhythm, intention, imagery and counterpoint as well as how to relate creatively to material, objects and space. ‘As performers our being is our tool of expression and as such it is a rather complex tool’. Yael is offering a number of rich approaches to facilitate the imaginative journey and the pleasure to rediscover our ‘tool’ through games, improvisations and exploration of the infinite possibilities that are hidden within ourselves. International award winning performer and director, karavan is sharing over 20 years of experience.