“There is no doubt Yael Karavan is an amazing performer; her physicality and focus was impressive to say the least. She seemed to be a ring master who’d lost her circus and instead replaced the acts with inanimate objects’”


A 55 minutes Physical theater performance
Created and performed by Yael Karavan
Light designed by Socrates Mitsios & Kristina Hjelm

In-Between, is a physical theatre solo performance on the fine line between comedy & tragedy. The performance is inspired by B&W silent films and is a poetically stunning visual performance. It’s a choreographic poem about the interior duality and the exterior solitude of a magician and his difficulties in making choices. The Character is thus suspended between two chairs, two genders, two realities, two lands, two lovers, the tragic and the comic. With only two chairs and a microphone the performance takes the audience on a ‘fantastic’ journey combining various dance and performance disciplines such as Physical and visual theatre, Mime, Clown, Butoh, Tango, Russian and contemporary dance with a stunning light design. The show is offering a multitude of physical expressions shared at times interactively with the audience.

In-Between also combines different levels of realities, exploring the relationships between our real, dreamt and fantasised worlds and is playing with their interactions and co-existence. Intertwining dreamlike atmospheres with a humorous edge.Audiences from around the world have enjoyed this piece of exceptional physical theatre, absurd humour and poetic visual imagery.