“Conceptually ingenious, this interactive show is part competition, part comedy and part learning experience in multiple senses… The transition to an online show is cleanly achieved, building a sense of community among the participants who are clearly instructed how to play…”

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“Bingo! is a wild re-imagining of the familiar game. Karavan and Mercuriali are extremely likeable, and juggle the unpredictability of an interactive audience with impressive spontaneity… It’s a nudge to let ourselves off the hook, but remember our rights…”

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An interactive Live Zoom performance about Human Rights of 90 minutes.

How fair and square is our Human Rights Treaty? Join the ridiculously serious callers Yael and Silvia, in a surreal night of Bingo with visual treats and dancing beats. Once accessed the box office, where audience members receive their personal BINGO card, everyone joins the callers at the Virtual Bingo Hall and the game begins. We spin the wheel, draw a number and test the audience’s luck and knowledge on their Human Rights. Just like in all Bingo games once you get a number, you cross it off on your card, but not before you have guessed which Human Right corresponds to the number drawn.

You are all equal here until one of you wins, in which case you will all be losers but one, or two or three. Partly interactive and participatory theatre, partly clown show and eclectic cabaret, the show takes on different shapes every night depending on which numbers are drawn and who is in the audience.

So sit comfortably on your sofa and join us, but watch out for the numbers as they take on hidden meanings and expose the flaws in the rules of the ‘game’.

Created and performed by Yael Karavan and Silvia Mercuriali
Our inimitable Tech Guy – Jim Ralley
Vintage Sound Designer – Daniel Williams
Unique illustrations by – Izhar Cohen.

Magic Tombola machine by- Tim Harbridge
Marketing queen and special guest – Giusi Di Gesaro.

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“It was fun. Great energy. Sense of humor. Creative and lots of talent. Wonderful illustrations’

‘We had a great time, learning while laughing, thinking while playing!’

‘Thank you, Yael and Silvia. This was my best zoom experience!!!!”

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