Three pieces in homage to Dani Karavan

Pe’imot (Beats) is a site-specific performance in homage to Dani Karavan created on his Culture Square in Tel Aviv. Created by Yael Karavan with the dance students from the Maslool Bikurei Haytim school. Performed as part of the Open Houses Festival on the 28 of May 2022 a year after Dani’s passing. With the support of Tel-Aviv City Council. The Soundtrack is an edit made from Dani Karavan’s various interviews about his work and life collected during the years.

Jerusalem city of peace performed for the 40th anniversary of Fattoria di Celle- A wonderful and wonderous outdoors art park in Italy. Created by Yael Karavan on and with the sculpture by Dani Karavan entitled Jerusalem city of peace in homage to him.
Music by Yael Krous- I was born for peace. costume by Julia Heuer.

The Tea Ceremony– also created in Celle art park for its 40th anniversary in Italy, Created by Yael Karavan on and with the work of Dani Karavan entitled the Tea Ceremony, in homage to him. Recorded text of Dani’s voice about his work and Mozart’s Requiem.