“Art can most definitely change the world, message + delivery, keep spreading the word.”

Audience Feedback

Created and performed by Yael Karavan with Song Writer and performer – Tim Harbridge, Mask maker and outside eye – Matt Rudkin, Illustrator- Izhar Cohen, Graphic Designer- Foz Foster, photographer- James Bellorini and Producer- Kate Laird.

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In October 2019 I have immersed myself into an R&D on the theme of animal agriculture, after realising the massive impact of beef on our climate. I was surprised that there was nearly no action taken by policy makers or a substantial political campaign to raise awareness. I had to do something, I felt helpless but realised I didn’t know how to approach the theme without becoming too excited or angry. I had to find ways to share these facts and feelings without being too moralistic or didactic. This brought me to question if Art can actually affect change in our behaviour and habits.

The sharing of the work has been an amazing realisation that it can! People became aware of facts through the interviews and the Quiz while being moved by the art- the live performance, translating these ideas and information into powerful images and food for thought. At this stage Holy Cow is an exciting mix of dance theatre performance, live music, illustrations, interviews and a quiz, Kindly supported by Arts Council England.

Interviews include Writer and History teacher- Peter Chrisp, Eating Psychology Coach – Sue
Bradley, Food Anthropology specialist- Dr. Peter Leuchford from Sussex Uni, Psychoanalyst –
Shayne Spitzer, Founding director of sustainable Marketing company Neo- Nick Christoforou and Ed Johnstone of the Sussex Peasant.

The Current length of the work in progress is 75 minutes, the next phase of development is
planned for end of summer / early autumn. We feel this work is important to activate change in
order to reduce rising temperature on our precious planet. We are currently working on an award for all application to create autonomous interactive kits for young people at schools as well as looking for partners to share the work in progress in its entirety or just elements of it and to support its further development stages.

“Thought provoking, strong, meaningful work, Thanks!”

“Thank you! I love the humour you brought to a serious discussion. I really enjoyed the different stages of the show and how you involved the audience. Soundtrack exquisite.”

“The whole thing was massively affective and entertaining throughout…”

“Great show! Really eye opening”

“Effective, memorable, powerful.”

“Damn it more food for thought than I have bargained for”

“Educational in an interesting and fun way, Not Preachy”

“I didn’t feel preached, felt informed and inspired, I feel it can affect change!”

Audience Feedback