“A strikingly original production”

Total Theatre

Directed by Yael karavan with Linda Remahl, Bruno Humberto, Rachel Champion, Tamar Daly, Sara
Popowa and Marion Deprez. Live music and sound composition by Tristan Shorr

Anima is based on imagery and stories related to light and darkness, from the magical use of light in Renaissance painting, through to the illusionist effect of shadow theatre. Some of the more absurdist imagery in Anima is a result of collecting household lamps, and exploring the comic effect of using them outside their everyday context. The ensemble also invited residents of Brighton to contribute to the making of the piece by sharing and recording personal stories evoked by the theme of light and darkness. With elements of promenade theatre, the Ensemble takes its audience on a journey both outdoors and into a space transformed by light. Supported by Arts Council England.

Anima was awarded the Argus Angel Award for its artistic excellence in the Brighton Festival and Fringe 2011.

“So grand is the universe created by the Karavan Ensemble that it spills out into our own”

The Argus

“In Anima, Yael Karavan and her brilliant company of international performers, the Karavan Ensemble, invite you to leave the everyday behind and go with them on a journey, an exploration of light and dark in a “magical feast””

The Argus

“Powerful and subtle, this piece from the Karavan Ensemble managed to convey through art a human experience not easily defined – transient and infinite like light! Magical.”

Latest 7

“The experience was carnivalesque, hypnotic, and derealised: a non-sequential trip through the human psyche. The phrase ‘weird but wonderful’ springs to mind, as Anima was precisely that”

The New Current

“The whole piece is visually stunning and shot through with a dazzling melancholy”

Fringe Guru