A ship of fools

The key concept of this work is that we each have a ship of fools within us. These fools represent the different traits that shape our personality. Each one of them, at a time, leads the boat; the lover, the thinker, the joker… We have so many characters within us that try to express themselves in various ways. I have thus developed methods of finding these ‘traits’ through the use of character-based games and exercises, searching to enable these various fools within us to reveal their stories, like a journey within our own archetypes.

And one day looking inside
I saw in that space between the belly and the chest
a little ship from which my inner fools were leading my life….

if you are curious to discover who are the fools who inhabit you?
What is their story, existence, life to tell?

The workshop will offer a warm up composed from a variety of training tools; stretching, strength, centre, spontaneity, imagination, presence, physical awareness, work with objects and rhythm, and will propose various approaches to discovering your fools in a creative atmosphere.

Open to artists, actors, dancers and performer as well as creatives interested to discover their inner archetypes.