‘…what interests me is not to see myself in the mirror but rather to see myself reflected in the others ’

Sandra Tomboloni

A 30 minutes site responsive live physical performance, an interplay between painting and performance, a collaboration between Italian visual artist Sandra Tomboloni (the bad girl of the Italian art scene) and award winning International movement artist and performer Yael Karavan.

Created with her powerful and ephemeral materials of paint and red plasticeene, Tomboloni’s work is entitled ‘I’ offering a paradoxical meanings both describing the first Greek number 1 = singular and the grammatical addition to Italian nouns designating plural. (bambini, baci)

Karavan who was invited at the final stages of this painting, has created this performance giving a special attention to those elements linking her ideas and perspective to Tomboloni’s, putting a special emphasis on her current artistic agenda which is to look for ways to counter act the worldwide spreading political trends of division by creating new ways to link people physically. Performed in Galleries, museums and theatres.