“‘Yael Karavan proved herself a charismatic entertainer”

London Dance Magazine

The show combines physical theatre, mime, dance, comedy and object theatre and is for all ages.
Music by Tim Harbridge.
Length 45-50 minutes.

Created and performed by Yael Karavan Fip= Future Proofed, is a futuristic character who unexpectedly comes to visit the ‘past’ which is our ‘present’ possibly arriving from a dystopian future, protected from world pollution and nuclear contamination. He is a post homo-sapien partly robotic, as if confined to a system of behaviours implanted within him. He is a naive character arriving from the future and discovering the human species as a strange and possibly historic specie. He is lonely, searching for contact and Love, curious to interact and keen to learn what makes the humans around him ‘Tick’ and behave the way they do. He is like a child, rediscovering his environment and asking the most naïve questions which make us rethink and re-evaluate our present life. He has his own special way to interact without words and to ask questions which make the audience become active participants, teachers and helpers.

This show is simple and touching as it emphasises that what connects between us all is our HEARTS. The show is a mixture of interactive and site–specific elements, working with the space and the audience in a rather absurd, funny and moving way, combined with choreographed parts. At the end of the show he reveilles a body, a palpitating human- being.