A site-specific, tribute performance at White Square, created by Yael Karavan, the daughter of Dani Karavan, together with the artist Anat Zafrir (A22), marking the second year since Karavans’ passing and celebrating the renovation of the White Square.

For over 20 years, Yael Karavan has been an international artist and creator in the field of dance / visual theatre. In the course of her work, she has come across the works of art created by her father, the artist and sculptor, Dani Karavan. His environmental sculptures in Japan, France, Italy, Spain and Germany are for her alternative worlds for which she creates performance works that are site-specific. The performance at White Square refers to elements of memory with which Dani Karavan made his sculptures in Israel and around the world.

To connect with the sound in the performance, it is advisable to come equipped with a fully charged mobile phone and a good comfortable headset.

Picture Credits: Yaacov Glezer, Doron Zafrir, Kirsten Praefcke and Yael Karavan.